Competence in freshness

Food and freshfood logistics for Germany and Europe

Temperature-controlled logistics is our business! Whether food or laboratory transport – the distribution of sensitive goods is our speciality. Extensive know-how and a fleet equipped with the latest refrigeration technology enable us to cover almost any temperature range within the transport chain. We have over 1,200 distribution vehicles in operation every day to transport foodstuffs from fresh food warehouses to supermarkets and medical samples from doctors’ surgeries and hospitals to laboratory locations throughout Europe. With a fully documented cold chain, we guarantee that fresh produce always stays fresh and reaches its destination without any loss of quality. 2,000 employees give their best, every day anew!


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Food Logistics

Food is our passion - and temperature-controlled logistics is our speciality.

Medical logistic

Reliability is our top priority: in the confidential handling of your data as well as in the transport of goods and samples.

Crossdocking and fulfillment

We cover the entire supply chain and can adapt our service flexibly and scalably to your requirements.

Our fleet

Meyer Logistik has one of the youngest and “cleanest” fresh food fleets in Germany – all from well-known premium manufacturers. Around 1,300 trucks (350 2- and 3-axle solo vehicles, 300 motor vehicles, 400 tractor units as well as various vans and special vehicles) are in use every day. None of the vehicles is older than six years, most of them just two! And 100% of the trucks already meet the current EURO6 standard.


Rethinking the future of logistics

As a logistics service provider, we operate a fleet of vehicles and several warehouses. In the logistics industry, (almost) nothing can be done without burning fuel. But we are aware of our responsibility and have been pioneers in the use of alternative drives and state-of-the-art technology for years, in order to pollute the environment as little as possible and to travel quietly and with low emissions.

For example, our company was the first to use an all-electric heavy-duty truck in regular traffic in Germany, the E-FORCE One, for which Meyer Logistik was then also awarded the European Transport Award for Sustainability in 2015. And even today, we apply strict standards with regard to environmental compatibility when compiling the fleet. Electromobility is the order of the day and Meyer Logistik is right at the forefront!

Latest stories and news

Rethinking competence in freshness

Meyer Logistik has also been offering "Medical Services" for a good three years. With a fleet of now more than 40 vehicles - some of them electrically driven - around 6,000 medical samples are collected daily from doctors' practices and clinics throughout the Ruhr region and brought for further analysis.

Practice makes perfect

"It was great fun and I really got something out of it!" says Ali Ramadan enthusiastically at the end of the demanding driver training.

Freshly arrived

They were eagerly awaited, now they are here - the first two fuel cell trucks in Meyer Logistik's fleet.