Rethinking competence in freshness

Meyer Logistik has also been offering “Medical Services” for a good three years. With a fleet of now more than 40 vehicles – some of them electrically powered – around 6,000 medical samples are collected daily from doctors’ practices and clinics throughout the Ruhr region from the Essen and Iserlohn locations and taken to the laboratory at the Hygiene Institute in Gelsenkirchen for further analysis.

Two dispatchers take care of the planning of the 50 or so daily tours, using the latest telematics systems. With this, the drivers are guided from doctor’s practice to doctor’s practice by means of navigation and at the same time provided with all the necessary information for the collection. This has the great advantage that every driver can take over every tour without further training. In parallel, the tour information such as arrival times as well as collected quantities and sample types are automatically transmitted to the laboratory, which can thus perfectly coordinate and plan its analysis capacities.

But collecting the samples alone is not enough. At the same time, the approximately 60 employees of Medical Services also supply the practices and hospitals with all the medical products required for sample collection. Storage, commissioning and dispatch of the same are carried out from Gelsenkirchen, where four colleagues alone are busy more than satisfying the customers of our Medical Services and thus contributing their share to the well thought-out and highly efficient logistics process.

Freshly arrived

They were eagerly awaited, now they are here - the first two fuel cell trucks in Meyer Logistik's fleet.

Practice makes perfect

„Das hat mir großen Spaß gemacht und wirklich was gebracht!“, sagt Ali Ramadan begeistert am Ende des anspruchsvollen Fahrertrainings, an dem er gerade teilgenommen hat.