Sustainable urban logistics

State-of-the-art technology for a clean environment

We work hand in hand with our suppliers and partners to ensure that our equipment is modern, technically up-to-date and environmentally friendly in order to compensate – at least proportionally – for the impact of our business activities on the environment.

For several years now, all our vehicles have met the EURO-6 emissions standard. This fleet management is supplemented by the purchase of lower-emission refrigeration units and the use of environmentally friendly coolants.

KM with alternative drives
Tonnes CO2 emission reduction
Completed projects

Green logistics with natural gas and biogas

However, these measures are only the first steps in a perspective development. We have been involved in research and testing of alternative drives for years and benefit from the many years of experience we have gained as a development partner of the industry. We will therefore continue to invest in the acquisition of trucks with alternative drive concepts such as eFuels fuels, hybrid, overhead line, BEV (battery-electric) and hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the future

With a full tank charge of around 31 kilograms of hydrogen, a hydrogen truck travels more than 400 almost emission-free kilometres and thus significantly further than an e-truck with a battery charge. In addition, the refuelling process only takes 15 minutes, whereas an “electric truck” has to be connected to the “cable” for hours to be ready for use again.

For the future, this means that as soon as a nationwide network of filling stations powered by sustainably produced hydrogen is available, fuel cell technology will be superior to electric drive in many respects, especially in the truck sector.

Successful with alternative drives

And the next step towards even more sustainability has already been decided: biogas vehicles. The LBG biogas drive has an even better eco-balance than the LNG drive, as the biogas is mainly produced from bio-waste and is therefore not a fossil fuel. At our Swedish subsidiary, the first units were recently put into operation, and more will follow.

We are on the right track here. In Germany, the success of our group of companies has been recognised in the Lean & Green programme, in which we proudly participate.