Quality from tradition

For more than half a century, we have been at home on the roads of Germany and Europe – mainly in local transport, on the road on the “last mile” to the supermarkets in the cities. From very small beginnings, we have grown over the years into an internationally operating medium-sized company specialising in temperature-controlled (food) logistics with around 2,000 employees. From the company headquarters in Friedrichsdorf in Hesse – located in the middle of the Rhine-Main region – the family business is now managed by the third generation of owners. Fairness and respectful dealings are always and everywhere the basis of entrepreneurial action, not only in dealings with each other and with customers and business partners, but also towards the environment and future generations. Sustainable management and social commitment is a personal concern of the owner families and can be felt and experienced in many decisions.

The backbone of our company are our colleagues in the driver’s cab – without our drivers nothing would work! They are the specialists who deliver top performance every day with knowledge, skill and great commitment! We make high demands on them, but at the same time they can expect a lot from us. For example, predictable working hours, an end to their workday at home and, of course, fair and reliable remuneration.

Support from the very beginning

From day one, we provide new employees with experienced colleagues who support them in word and deed – those with foreign roots, wherever possible, even in their native language. Our own driving trainers teach specific customer processes and systems and conduct individual training, driving safety training and regular module training with a high practical relevance (social regulations, eco-training, safety technology/driving safety, load safety and workplace health). In addition, our tutorials are available online to our employees at any time.

We train … and more.

We are also committed to the next generation. We train professional drivers at various locations, logistics and office clerks as well as future IT specialists at our company headquarters in Friedrichsdorf. Those who complete their training with commitment and ability will find that many doors are open to them afterwards. It is not uncommon for us to send colleagues back to “school” later because we expect a lot from them. Interested in joining us? We look forward to hearing from you! You can find current job offers on our career portal.


The basic values of mutual trust, honesty and respectful treatment of each other form the basis of our actions, which applies to our employees and in the same way to our conduct towards our business partners. These values are firmly anchored throughout the Meyer Logistics Group. It is not only a matter of complying with applicable rules and laws as a matter of course, but also – and above all – a corresponding attitude on the part of our employees, who together stand for the success of the group of companies. Through our compliance management system, we want to further strengthen and promote this attitude so that we can continue to develop and document our progress, now and in the future, based on the principles of ethical entrepreneurial action.

In the compliance document (“Code of Conduct”) available for download here, we have documented the principles of our actions for everyone to see. In this way, we want to prevent any situation that could call into question the honesty of our conduct and the trust in the performance of our employees.