Practice makes perfect

“I had great fun and really got something out of it!” says Ali Ramadan enthusiastically at the end of the demanding driver training he has just taken part in.

Ramadan and eleven other colleagues from the East, North-East and North regions had recently met with the three driving trainers Gert Holz, Uwe Lieber and Hans-Peter Nötzel on the premises of the branch in Freienbrink to specifically address the topic of “damage prevention”.

In addition to a theoretical part, the programme included the operation and manoeuvring of a tandem trailer as well as the correct adjustment of mirrors. The initial scepticism of one or the other colleague quickly gave way to real enthusiasm in view of the interesting and demanding training programme put together by the driving trainers – and not only among Ali Ramadan. The driving trainers were also full of praise for the commitment of the training participants. “I am sure that the colleagues have taken away a lot for their everyday life and will be able to move their trains even more confidently in critical situations in the future,” said Gert Holz, one of the responsible persons, visibly satisfied with what had been achieved.

Rethinking competence in freshness

Seit gut drei Jahren bietet Meyer Logistik auch "Medical Services“ an. Mit einer Flotte von mittlerweile über 40 Fahrzeugen – teilweise elektrisch angetrieben – werden von den Standorten Essen und Iserlohn aus täglich rund 6.000 medizinische Proben bei Arztpraxen und Kliniken im gesamten Ruhrgebiet eingesammelt und zum Labor im Hygieneinstitut Gelsenkirchen zur weiteren Analyse gebracht.

Freshly arrived

They were eagerly awaited, now they are here - the first two fuel cell trucks in Meyer Logistik's fleet.