Meyer Logistik has one of the youngest and “cleanest” cold chain transport fleets in Germany. As many as 1,200 trucks (350 2- and 3-axle solo trucks, 300 tractor units, 400 semi-trailers as well as various vans and special-purpose vehicles) are deployed every day. All of the vehicles are from renowned premium manufacturers – none of them are older than six years, most of them are a mere two years old! Almost all of the trucks already meet the current EURO-6 standard.



All new additions to the vehicle fleet are fitted with the mandatory safety systems of advanced trucks and additionally with digital turn assist systems and emergency brake assist systems. Moreover, the latest truck models by Mercedes-Benz feature digital side-view mirrors instead of the conventional ones. These mirror-cam systems improve the all-round view even further and minimise the risk of collision with cyclists and pedestrians in the blind spot, especially in cities. By the way, the maintenance status of the entire vehicle fleet is monitored by seven regional technology managers.


All vehicles of Meyer Logistik are fitted with refrigerated/deep-freeze box bodies. About 20% of them have a multi-compartment design, allowing us to transport fish, meat, vegetables, a wide variety of dairy products as well as frozen and even dry goods in the highest quality on one tour in different temperature zones (-24 to +25°C). This multi-temperature technology requires sliding partition walls to individually adapt the required cooling zones to the respective transport order as well as separate evaporators (2- or 3-evaporator technology) to create the desired temperatures. We are particularly proud of the through-loading truck-trailer combinations we have co-developed, which allow us to save time while loading and unloading without having to disconnect the trailer.


We have made a name for ourselves in the industry as a provider of ideas and as a development partner that is always at the forefront whenever innovations are available on the market or need to be made ready for the market – no matter whether environmentally friendly drive concepts for trucks (electric, hybrid, LNG/LBG) or quieter and more economical cooling units are concerned. We have played a leading role in developing the present state of the art in food logistics, earning our reputation as an innovation leader in distribution logistics for the food retailing industry.