In the logistics sector, (almost) nothing is possible without burning fuel. But we are aware of our responsibility and have long since relied on innovative drives and state-of-the-art technologies to put the least possible burden on the environment and offer low-noise and low-emission transport solutions, especially in urban areas.


We were one of the first companies to employ a noteworthy number of natural gas and hybrid vehicles. In the greater Berlin area alone, we will shortly have 43 semi-trailer trucks that are fuelled with liquefied natural gas (LNG), making them very low on emissions. They have a “clean slate” not only on the outside – their inner values are really “clean” as well! The 400-HP engine delivers the same output as a comparable diesel drive, but generates about 70 percent less nitric oxides, 99 percent less soot particles and 15 percent less CO2 emissions. Since the LNG drive also has a significantly lower noise level, the new technology represents a big step towards improved quality of life and climate protection as well as better air quality – especially in urban areas!


Biogas as the next step


And the next step towards more sustainability is already a done deal: LBG vehicles. The LBG biogas drive has an even better ecological balance than the LNG drive, since the biogas is produced mainly from organic waste without using fossil fuels. Our Swedish subsidiary ( has recently put the first few vehicles into service and more are to follow.


We are particularly proud of our e-trucks, the E-ACTROS by Mercedes-Benz and the E-FORCE One! The latter was the very first fully electric 18-tonne truck on German roads! Since 2014, the (high-)tech carrier has been employed in regular operation in Berlin. With a range of about 300 km, it delivers about the same daily output as comparable diesel trucks, but produces virtually zero emissions and consumes only one-third as much fuel (diesel equivalent).


SCANIA hybrid semi-trailer being tested


Whether the “antlered” semi-trailers will go into production remains to be seen. The hybrid prototypes by SCANIA are currently in test operation. Their batteries are recharged during operation by overhead lines of several kilometres length along the highways, referred to as “e-highways”. After leaving the highway, they travel to the city fully electrically – without any emissions!


For a clean environment


E-technology in heavy- and medium-duty trucks is still very expensive compared to conventional drives. But time does not stand still, technology is making progress and the political framework will change as well. We are ready! You cannot be too ambitious when it comes to a cleaner environment.