Temperature-controlled logistics is our business! Whether food or laboratory transport – we are well-versed in the distribution of delicate goods. We deploy more than 1,000 distribution vehicles every day to transport foodstuffs from cold stores to supermarkets as well as medical samples from doctor’s offices and hospitals to laboratories throughout Europe. Our completely documented cold chain guarantees that fresh products always remain fresh and reach their intended destination without any loss of quality. To ensure this, 2,000 staff members do their best each and every day!

Contract logistics

You have the goods, we take care of the logistics. If you wish so, we not only transport the goods, but also take care of the complete fulfilment – from order acceptance and warehousing to returns management – all from one source!

We are just as happy to support existing vehicle fleets of our customers as we are to take care of the entire distribution planning and implementation for a project or location as your outsourcing partner. No matter what our customers need from us – they can always be sure to be provided with a “team” of highly qualified and experienced drivers and state-of-the-art (truck and cooling) technology that is perfectly tailored to their order.


Customised IT solutions


We rely on intelligent and networked IT solutions. If required, we develop the necessary software ourselves using agile project management methods. We take care of interface management and data exchange and put together the required IT infrastructure and the necessary equipment for every order according to your specific needs.


Our decentralised organisation with 80 locations and branches guarantees a high level of local availability as well as fast and flexible response times. The cargoes and order details of all deployed vehicles are recorded electronically and tracked online in compliance with the HACCP standards, ensuring that our customers and dispatchers always receive just-in-time information about the current status of their deliveries. Cutting-edge telematics systems help us continuously improve the quality of all processes while also increasing road safety. We aim to always represent highest transport quality and maximum reliability, which is reflected not least in our IFS certification – everything in the name of freshness!